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On you can find all webshops in the Netherlands. Our goal is to present these web shops in such a way that they perfectly match what you are looking for. Are you looking for clothing stores, web shops that participate in Black Friday or a webshop where you can pick up your order in a store today? We know exactly which stores you can choose from! We show these in simple overviews (or as we call them: mini-online shopping centers). Time to shop; lots of fun!

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The online ‘shopping mall’ is not as organized as many ‘offline’ shopping centers and malls. At a brick and mortar store you often know which stores are present and where they are located within the mall. Online it’s a complete different story. There are much more webshops and the majority is unfindable if they are not on page 1 (or 2) in Google. And although strolling through the streets of an idyllic city center you sometimes come across a unique boutique or cute little shop, that is a lot harder to experience online. And that’s is where our added value kicks in. We show store overviews (mini-online shopping centers) based on a variety of (your) needs. Examples are mall with all stores that deliver within 24 hours, a mall with only stores that sell shoes or a mall with only stores that participate with massive Black Friday deals. We continuously open new shopping centers, based on the needs of our visitor (you!). So keep an eye on our site or contact us with which shopping center you would like to be opened! If you have any questions (or tips, comments and suggestions), please contact us.