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Same Day Delivery – The Fastest Way to Make an Online Purchase

Same day delivery is the fastest way to get hold of anything you’ve ordered without the need to leave your home. It’s the preferred choice of those that either need something as soon as possible along with people that simply cannot contain their excitement to get their hands on their new gadget or anything else they might need.

The service can be a potential lifesaver. An increasing number of retailers are coming around to the idea of delivering items to customers on the same day on which they place their order. It makes plenty of business sense, as a buyer is often more likely to purchase from a retailer that guarantees to get their items out within a few hours. Even over one that promises to deliver the next day.

What Determines Whether I Can Use Same Day Delivery?

The number of retailers that enable customers to avail of such a speedy service is relatively limited. That’s simply because only certain brands have the logistical infrastructure to make it possible. The option also tends to be restricted to those that have their own delivery services. Major parcel companies tend to require at least 24 hours to collect and deliver a package, which takes them out of the equation for this kind of service.

Effectively, the best stores with this option for delivery usually have a combination of numerous locations across the country and both the workforce and transport to enable them to distribute orders quickly, often directly from the warehouse.

The Benefits of Same Day Delivery

The obvious primary benefit of having items delivered on the same day is the fact that customers won’t receive a speedier service without going out and visiting a retailer’s physical location. You can still expect to wait for a few hours, but that’s often better than waiting overnight. From a crucial ingredient for your evening meal to a new battery for the TV remote, and much more besides, there will be plenty of occasions where you could do with something soon, but not necessarily immediately.

It’s also possible to narrow down the delivery window to an acceptable level with this service. When a customer uses next day delivery, that often means they have to stay in and wait for their package until it arrives, or risk asking for it to be left in a safe space. With the faster option, customers know that their package will arrive sometime between when they place their order and when they go to bed, often cutting the wait time considerably.

Potential Drawbacks

The biggest drawback of this delivery option is that it often costs extra, especially compared to a retailer’s more conventional delivery methods. One of the reasons why the service is restricted to comparatively few retailers is the costs involved. That’s why those with their own fleet of delivery vehicles are often more reliable for this as they already have the required human resources and equipment in place. For the service to work, your order must take priority over others, and the commitment to make the delivery on time means that the company has to send out a driver, even if just for one item. There are bound to be costs involved. And some of that is usually passed on to you as the customer.

While often more of a consideration than a drawback, it’s also important to decide what you need early on in the day if you plan to use the service. Most retailers have a relatively early cut-off time for orders placed in this way, and if you leave it too long to decide what you want, you may be stuck with next day delivery regardless.

Alternatives to Same Day Delivery

If you miss the cut-off or need an item from a specific retailer that doesn’t offer this service, it’s usually best to go with the fastest available alternative. In most cases, this means that you’ll receive your package on the following day. If that doesn’t work for your schedule, it can be worth choosing a click and collect option, where you ensure your selected item is in stock and then go to pick it up from the retailer’s store at your convenience.

Alternatively, many retailers enable customers to receive their items at drop-off points. This might be somewhere that offers the service or a purpose-built set of lockers, often found near local shops, where delivery drivers can place packages for you to collect at your convenience.

Of course, if you need something on the day and the service isn’t available online, you can always decide to go out and get it yourself!

How to Get the Most

The qualities of a same day delivery service speak for themselves. But we’ll end on our best tips to make the most of the facility where available.

This service is essential for the forgetful and impatient and a great option to have. We’re always delighted to have the opportunity, and we’d encourage you to make use of it where available.